​About Brewing Summit 2022​

​​Brewing Summit is a joint conference between the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) and the Master Brewers Association of the Americas that takes place every four years.​

In an effort to increase networking and collaboration across the brewing industry, Brewing Summit brings together professionals from across the spectrum of technical and operational specialties to share knowledge and spark innovation.

New this year, the Brewing Summit 2022 program takes place over three shared days where ASBC and Master Brewers attendees will be able to go to all sessions and workshops organized by both groups.

The focus of the programming follows our meeting theme—Brewing a Sustainable Future. Attendees will enter robust discussions around issues such as workforce sustainability, water conservation, and the improvement of benchmarking and data analysis to innovate around evidence-based sustainability. ​

We invite you to join us in Providence, Rhode Island August 14-16 as our societies take on the emerging issues facing researchers and innovators today. Come along as we build a more sustainable future for the brewing industry. ​